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Increasing access to healthy living, one person at a time. 

our vision

EVEREST WELLNESS is dedicated to increasing access to healthy living, one person at a time, through seamless, tech driven wellness programming implementations. Our programming has impacted over 42,000 people globally.


Through seamless implementation of our wellness programs, we aim to create personal connections with the members of every organization in order to highlight the value of living a healthy life.

what we do

Everest Wellness creates uniquely customized and culturally relevant wellness programs incorporating the latest in fitness technology. We have worked across all industries, ranging from government, manufacturing, health care and traditional corporate settings. We achieve our results through various offerings, including:

  • Wellness Campaign Management

  • Fitness Challenges, Boot Camps and Classes

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Biometric Screenings

  • Workshops

  • Music Therapy

  • Health Conferences and Fairs

  • Youth and Summer Camps

OUR clients

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